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Business-Aviation - Destinations in Europe and beyond

As an operational general aviation airport the Stadtlohn-Vreden Airport will also undertake non-scheduled air services (taxi flights) according to your individual requirements. Local companies already fly from Stadtlohn-Vreden Airport to destinations in Europe and beyond, using their own or chartered aircraft of various types: smaller twin-engined aircraft, comfortable propjets or modern business jets.

On personal request the Stadtlohn-Vreden Airport may be operational (apart from the published operating hours) around the clock on 365 days a year without any restrictions. The Airport will assist you with customs clearance and passport control.

Several thousand airfields in Europe can be reached from Stadtlohn-Vreden directly. Benefit from a relaxed time aboard the aircraft while experienced professional pilots fly you to your destination safely. Not the flight plan determines your time frames - you determine the flight plan. It is only in this way that you can reach many destinations in Europe outside Germany on a one-day business trip.

In addition to passenger and ambulance flights, cargo flights may also be carried out from Stadtlohn-Vreden. According to the volume of your cargo and the intended distance of the flight the most economical cargo plane will be deployed.

The following companies currently offer taxi flights and cargo flights from Stadtlohn-Vreden Airport:

AIR TRAFFIC GmbH Executive Jet Service
Flughafen Halle 3
40474 Düsseldorf
Tel.: +49-211-16 09 98 10
Fax: +49-211-43 60 252
Mail:   info@airtraffic.de
Internet: www.airtraffic.de

You may contact the above companies directly. However to clarify specific questions concerning your trip planning you may also contact the Stadtlohn-Vreden Airport:

Tel.: +49-2563-3333
E-Mail info@flugplatz-stadtlohn.de



Examples of aircraft:


Maximum Passengers: 10
Crew: 2
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 5.670 kg
Range: 3.500 km
Speed: 525 km/h
Avionics: Airline Standard
Powerplant: PT6A-42 Turbine / Pratt & Whitney
Pressurized cabin: up to 10.500 m
Toilet + Baggage Compartment




Maximum Passengers: 11
Crew: 2
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 5.400 Kg
Maximum Range: 2.500 km
Speed: 480 km/h
Avionics: Airline Standard
Powerplant: TPE331 Turbine / Garret
Pressurized cabin: up to 9.000 m
Toilet + Baggage Compartment



Piper Lance Turbo

Maximum Passengers: 5
Crew: 1
Maximum Range.: 1.500 km
Speed: 310 km/h
Avionics: Airline Standard

payload: 450 kg
volume: 2.0 cbm